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Why This CCO Makes K-Readiness a Priority Why This CCO Makes K-Readiness a Priority Monday, August 15, 2016 Peg King leads Health Share of Oregon’s kindergarten readiness programming. Health Share is the largest Coordinated Care Organization in Oregon, serving approximately 25 percent of the state’s Medicaid patients. It is also one of the most innovative. We talked to King about state health care transformation, Health Share’s commitment to children’s early years, and its burgeoning partnership with Earl Boyles Elementary School in Southeast...
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Summer Reading at Earl Boyles Strengthens Literacy in Young Learners Summer Reading at Earl Boyles Strengthens Literacy in Young Learners Monday, August 15, 2016 The Summer Bookworm collaborative reading program at Earl Boyles Elementary in southeast Portland just finished its fifth summer as a skill-building resource for some of the school’s earliest readers. It’s become a key component of the growing culture of literacy at the school, which supports a variety of language-rich activities and programming throughout the school year. Having served nearly 120 students since 2012, Summer Bookworm engages kids...
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Is Oregon Ready to Learn?

Improving Oregon's Kindergarten Readiness Survey
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is_oregon_ready_to_learn_coverAssessments of school readiness, when done correctly, are useful planning tools. Assessing children as they enter kindergarten allows policy-makers to identify and respond to achievement gaps and communities to determine whether children are prepared for success in school. Well-designed assessments help public officials direct resources effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, poorly designed or poorly administered assessments - even if inexpensive - are not a good use of public resources.

As Oregon and the nation move toward comprehensive data systems that track the education of children from birth through college, now is the time to re-engineer Oregon's kindergarten readiness survey to provide Oregonians - policy-makers in particular - a useful tool for measuring school readiness.

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