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IMG 2669Over the past few weeks, we have examined on our blog and podcast the challenges and opportunities of educating dual language and English language learners and highlighted the dual language Preschool Promise classes offered at Echo Shaw Elementary School in the Forest Grove School District. Alongside questions of how to support children who speak a home language other than English, schools with linguistically diverse student populations also grapple with how to engage parents who speak languages other than English.

IMG 2220 yAccording to the Migration Policy Institute, 28 percent of children under the age of 5 in Oregon are dual language learners (DLLs). Since 2000, Oregon’s young DLL population has increased by 32 percent, compared with 24 percent nationally. A recent report by the Department of Education reveals that in seven school districts in Oregon, English language learners (ELLs) and DLLs comprise 20 percent or more of the student body. This growing population of DLLs and ELLs suggests the need for a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities for educating non-native English speakers.

DSC 5032 1We know that getting all kids off to a successful start in life requires a greater investment from the state; in a year when our lawmakers opted not to restore cuts made in 2017 to early childhood systems and programs, they need to hear from constituents that these increased investments are a priority. Young children in Oregon are relying on us to speak up about the importance of high-quality childcare and early education. Feel free to use these tips to more effectively convey your position, whether you are writing a letter to the editor, an email to your state representatives (which you can do easily using our online advocacy tool), or a Facebook post to share with your network.

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