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Babys Brain

Scientists and parents know that young children’s brain development is critically important—and researchers learn more every day. Children experience their most profound cognitive, social, and emotional growth in the first eight years of life. Children’s Institute has put together a series to share educational resources and the latest news from experts about young children’s growing brains and how their caregivers can support and nurture this growth.

In this series, we’ll highlight what parents, caregivers, teachers and others can do to support optimal brain development, as well as the latest information on kids’ growing brains.

Below is part 1, on children’s brains from birth to age 3. Read it, watch the videos, and please let us know what you think!

We've compiled a list of blog posts and podcasts from 2017 that are still on our minds as the year draws to a close.

Affordable Housing

The housing crisis is impacting communities across the state of Oregon. Multnomah County reported last week that 80 people impacted by homelessness died on the streets of Portland in 2016. Meanwhile rural Oregon is experiencing its worst housing crisis in a generation, and Central Oregon's rental market makes it increasingly difficult for people to find safe and affordable housing. As we highlighted this week, high housing costs can also contribute to food insecurity, an issue that impacts 194,070 children across the state. 

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