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05-08-2017 11:13:00Lindsey Gross
05-01-2017 11:13:00Soobin David Oh
05-01-2017 09:44:00Maya Crone
04-24-2017 12:07:29Action Alert: Stop the Budget Cuts to Children's Education and Health
04-11-2017 09:53:002017 Make It Your Business Luncheon
03-23-2017 11:17:20Snapshot of children's health coverage with Medicaid, CHIP, and ACA
01-25-2017 12:35:34Exclusive event: Reimagining education with Ruby Takanishi
12-13-2016 14:35:48Health Families Oregon
12-01-2016 14:54:27Governor Brown's Budget Must Protect and Increase Funding for Early Childhood
09-14-2016 11:57:33Natalie Vega O'Neil
09-13-2016 15:24:15Mignon Mazique
09-09-2016 11:13:00Danielle Pacifico-Cogan
09-09-2016 11:13:00Paul Reich
09-09-2016 11:13:00Rafael Otto
09-08-2016 10:46:00Health's importance in reaching third-grade achievement
07-14-2016 11:34:05Happy summer learning day!
06-30-2016 15:42:22West Medford
06-29-2016 16:03:59The Road to High-Quality Early Education
06-29-2016 14:05:36Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Alga’s Story
06-27-2016 15:58:14Chronic Absenteeism in the Nation's Schools
06-22-2016 15:49:00Preschool Promise: High-Quality Preschool for More Oregon Kids
06-22-2016 11:13:28Chelsea Greenwood
06-22-2016 09:00:00Eager Learners: Earl Boyles Serves Infants and Toddlers in Play and Learn Program
06-06-2016 10:46:08Preschool Promise
06-06-2016 10:46:08Landscape Analysis of Professional Development Supports for P-3 Alignment in Oregon
06-06-2016 10:46:08Good Health = Great Kids
05-03-2016 15:36:01Partnership strengthens preschool in Yoncalla
04-14-2016 09:50:52Early language development expert shares vision for smart babies
04-13-2016 16:47:53Growing Healthy Minds
04-13-2016 16:44:382016 MIYB: Keynote Address by Dr. Dana Suskind
04-13-2016 16:34:232016 MIYB: 4th Alexander Award presented to Wallowa County
03-23-2016 12:39:56Thirty Million Words: A Conversation with Dr. Dana Suskind
02-24-2016 13:53:17Family Resource Navigator at Earl Boyles is model for schools
02-04-2016 17:23:21Take Action: Keeping the Promise
01-14-2016 14:49:26Erin Helgren
01-14-2016 10:34:48Rural Education in Oregon
01-14-2016 10:33:05Rural Education in Oregon
01-07-2016 13:40:52Evaluation
01-07-2016 13:26:06Early Works Progress Report
12-17-2015 13:24:35Preschool Promise: Oregon Launches Mixed-Delivery Preschool
11-29-2015 19:54:17Oregon School District Preschool Survey
11-18-2015 20:38:03Connecting with the community: Earl Boyles hires parents as preschool assistants
11-18-2015 15:24:39More Oregon children need services
11-04-2015 19:51:53Report highlights David Douglas district’s success with dual language learners
11-04-2015 15:21:37A Voice For All
10-15-2015 18:53:55Survey finds many school districts operating preschools but no common standards
09-24-2015 09:44:35Elena Rivera
09-11-2015 13:53:20Oregon Has a Major Problem with Absent Students
08-19-2015 09:26:42Lane County KITS helps kids get ready for kindergarten
08-03-2015 14:53:02Two early learning pioneers win state's Angland award
07-10-2015 09:48:42Oregon's Preschool Bill in the News
07-06-2015 12:10:38Advocates reflect on victory for children in Oregon
06-19-2015 11:22:14How Four Oregon Communities Tackle Summer Learning Loss
06-11-2015 12:10:34Earl Boyles expands home visiting with school-wide training
05-13-2015 15:59:31CI's Dana Hepper weighs in on NIEER's State of Preschool report
05-06-2015 11:04:43Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages
05-05-2015 14:42:04Preschool Boosts Reading Skills Later
04-29-2015 10:17:37Bringing families, teachers, and providers together
04-29-2015 10:16:42Effective school practice requires relationships with families, says expert
04-28-2015 15:47:07Parents as Partners: Engaging Families in Schools
04-28-2015 15:45:582015 MIYB: Keynote by Dr. Karen Mapp
04-28-2015 15:44:082015 MIYB: 3rd Alexander Award presented to Sue Miller
04-16-2015 10:04:49What families do matters: Q & A with Dr. Karen Mapp
04-09-2015 13:17:18Early Learning Unmet Need in America
03-24-2015 11:26:532015 Campaign Endorsers
02-10-2015 15:44:38Coming Together: the report from Yoncalla
02-10-2015 15:41:30Coming Together
02-10-2015 15:32:00Join us for 7th Annual Make It Your Business Lunch
02-10-2015 10:30:54Marina Merrill on Medford's Five on Five News
01-29-2015 10:30:2715 Communities Join Nationwide Effort
01-28-2015 15:16:07The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
01-23-2015 10:42:12President Obama Proposes Expansion of Child Care Subsidies
01-20-2015 12:56:123 maps that show where Oregon is on policy goals
12-16-2014 15:09:14Policy Brief: Advancing Birth-to-Third-Grade Success
12-16-2014 15:07:30Advancing Birth-to-Third-Grade Success
12-16-2014 12:10:27Spring 2014 Update
12-08-2014 11:45:54Table Rock solid: Elementary school praised for keeping attendance up
11-14-2014 11:41:52Bridging Health Care and Early Education System Transformations to Achieve Kindergarten Readiness in Oregon
11-12-2014 16:03:36Governor’s 2015-2017 Investment Strategy Prioritizes Critical Kindergarten Readiness and Third Grade Reading Benchmarks
09-23-2014 11:16:56Community Leaders Celebrate Richard C. Alexander Early Learning Center at Earl Boyles
09-23-2014 11:13:26New Report: Building Blocks
09-23-2014 11:10:22Building Blocks
09-17-2014 10:15:09The Way to Beat Poverty
09-10-2014 09:37:08Early Years to Early Grades Summit
09-08-2014 10:42:00Community health assessment builds connections between health, early learning
09-05-2014 10:17:03Now Hiring: Lundquist Health Fellow
08-27-2014 12:14:56New Lending Library at Earl Boyles
08-26-2014 13:51:27Kindergarten transition programs find growing success
08-20-2014 14:23:24Lawmakers Dabble in Early Ed Reform
08-18-2014 12:02:18ODE Strategic Initiatives Interactive Maps
08-15-2014 12:02:05Oregon Education Investment Board assesses itself
08-13-2014 16:37:13U.S. Dept of Ed Announces Preschool Development Grants
08-12-2014 10:23:30As State Pre-K Expands, Where Does Head Start Fit In?
08-05-2014 12:11:36Learning Together
08-05-2014 09:19:36Learning Together
07-31-2014 11:00:06Early Learning Hub, Inc. aims to boost kindergarten readiness
07-28-2014 10:30:51Oregon daycare providers trying to make the grade
07-15-2014 14:08:38A view of the future through kindergarten demographics
07-10-2014 11:24:58Congratulations to Oregon Superintendent of the Year Don Grotting!
07-07-2014 10:15:45Creating Environments for Early Learner Success
06-30-2014 10:34:58President Obama Appeals to Parents to Close the Word Gap
06-26-2014 09:40:57Child Care as an Intergenerational Solution to Poverty
06-25-2014 10:33:17Birth to 8 Policy Framework - A Research Base
06-24-2014 09:34:44Pediatrics Groups Recommends Reading to Kids from Birth
06-23-2014 15:49:20White House Summit on Working Families
06-20-2014 11:24:29Best Practices for Communicating with ELL Parents
06-18-2014 10:14:20MIT Launches Online Lab to Study Early Learning
06-17-2014 09:43:08Education Policy is Health Policy
06-13-2014 10:09:36New Early Learning Wing and Community Center at Earl Boyles
06-11-2014 10:24:31Summer Learning: Literally Meeting the Kids Where They Are
06-06-2014 11:45:57NCCP Early Childhood State Policy Profiles
06-04-2014 09:44:38Class of 2025 on OPB Radio
06-03-2014 16:24:14Framework for Rethinking State Education Accountability
05-29-2014 12:36:03Survey of Oregon Teachers Show Poor Learning Conditions for Students
05-21-2014 12:47:15Status of Rural Education
05-19-2014 11:19:49Swati Adarkar on 3rd Grade Reading Benchmark and Early Learning
05-19-2014 11:14:00Swati Adarkar discusses third grade benchmark on Comcast Newsmakers
05-15-2014 11:54:23Marian Wright Edelman's Fight Continues
05-12-2014 15:24:5950+ applicants for preschool teacher positions at Earl Boyles
05-09-2014 14:30:04New Briefs from Harvard on Early Learning Environments
05-06-2014 11:16:43Seizing the Moment on Early Childhood Care and Education
05-02-2014 10:32:24We Can Scale High-Quality Public Pre-K - Can We Scale Effective Legislating?
04-30-2014 15:33:29Family Engagement is More than Volunteering
04-29-2014 15:49:00Leading the Way
04-29-2014 15:47:43Ron Haskins Keynote Address at 2014 Make It Your Business Event
04-29-2014 15:46:042nd Alexander Award Presented to Lynn Lundquist
04-29-2014 15:44:45Children's Institute: 10 Years of Championing Early Education
04-29-2014 15:43:35Dr. Linda Darling Hammond presents at the Children's Institute
04-29-2014 15:41:53Governor Kitzhaber accepts Alexander Award
04-29-2014 15:40:05The Time Has Come
04-29-2014 15:39:11Governor Kitzhaber addresses the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
04-29-2014 15:38:02Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
04-29-2014 15:36:51The Marshmallow Test
04-29-2014 15:35:10James Heckman: What's the Rate of Return on Social Skills?
04-29-2014 15:33:28The Importance of Early Childhood Development: Harriet Meyer
04-29-2014 13:01:26What Children Learn in Pre-K
04-29-2014 12:55:29Barack Obama: Early Childhood Education
04-29-2014 10:25:32Growing Healthy Readers: Resources
04-29-2014 10:21:21The State of Preschool 2012
04-29-2014 10:19:05Child Care and Education in Oregon and Its Counties: 2010
04-29-2014 10:17:26The Power of PreK-3rd
04-29-2014 10:15:44Lessons in Early Learning: Building an Integrated Pre-K-12 System in Montgomery County Public Schools
04-29-2014 10:12:36P-3 and Beyond: Sustaining Early Learning Gains Through Later Years
04-29-2014 10:09:23Head Start Impact Study Final Report
04-29-2014 09:59:52Education Reform Starts Early: Lessons from New Jersey's PreK-3rd Reform Efforts
04-29-2014 09:54:35On the Cusp in California
04-29-2014 09:52:00A Deeper Look at the Black-White Achievement Gap in Multnomah County: A Report to the Black Parent Initiative
04-29-2014 09:49:45The Hispanic-White Achievement Gap in Oregon
04-29-2014 09:46:15The High/Scope Perry Preschool Study Through Age 40
04-28-2014 16:46:11The Economic Benefits of High-Quality Early Childhood Programs: What Makes the Difference?
04-28-2014 16:41:50PK-3: What Is It and How Do We Know It Works?
04-28-2014 16:36:59PK-3: An Aligned and Coordinated Approach to Education for Children 3 to 8 Years Old
04-28-2014 16:32:36Closing Achievement Gaps
04-28-2014 16:27:44Many Happy Returns
04-28-2014 16:23:01Enhancing Development through Classroom Design in Early Head Start
04-28-2014 14:28:30Maternal Depression Can Undermine the Development of Young Children
04-28-2014 14:25:43Social-emotional Development in Early Childhood: What Every Policymaker Should Know
04-28-2014 14:05:11Mental Health Problems in Early Childhood Can Impair Learning and Behavior for Life
04-28-2014 14:02:29Improving the Delivery of Health Care that Supports Young Children's Healthy Mental Development
04-28-2014 13:03:43Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Fact Sheet
04-28-2014 13:00:49Promoting the Emotional Well-Being of Children and Families
04-28-2014 12:30:29Economic, neurobiological, and behavioral perspectives on building America's future workforce
04-28-2014 12:17:33Connecting Neurons, Concepts, and People: Brain Development and its Implications
04-28-2014 12:10:53How Early Events Affect Growing Brains: An Interview with Neuroscientist Pat Levitt
04-28-2014 12:05:11The Effectiveness of Early Head Start for 3-Year-Old Children and Their Parents: Lessons for Policy and Programs
04-22-2014 11:35:50What Exactly is 'High-Quality' Preschool?
04-16-2014 11:30:56Raising a Moral Child
04-15-2014 12:34:31Quality Preschool Worthwhile
04-14-2014 14:41:51We're hiring!
04-04-2014 14:40:27Leading the Way
04-04-2014 14:40:13Thank you for your support!
03-27-2014 14:40:00Early Health & Education Prevent Chronic Disease
03-26-2014 14:39:002014 Status Report of Children in Oregon
03-25-2014 15:00:00Video: Mind in the Making at Earl Boyles
03-25-2014 14:39:00Lyn Hennion Joins CI Board
03-24-2014 14:39:00Time to Improve
03-19-2014 14:38:00For kids, does low income mean low health?
03-18-2014 14:38:00The Unclear Fate of the Federal Child Care Bill
03-07-2014 15:37:58English Language Learning
03-05-2014 10:59:27President Obama's 2015 Budget Prioritizes Education Investments
03-04-2014 14:51:53Register today for 6th Annual MIYB Lunch
03-04-2014 10:53:41Alexander Award
03-04-2014 10:27:25Read Across America
02-26-2014 10:35:36Assessing Kindergarteners
02-25-2014 21:07:00Board Chair Chris Tebben on the Future of the Children’s Institute
02-24-2014 09:01:17When Even the Starting Line is Out of Reach
02-21-2014 11:59:30Making the Grades
02-19-2014 16:33:02Early Childhood Data Systems Survey Report
02-14-2014 11:33:53Children's Institute President & CEO Weighs in on Oregon's New KRA
02-10-2014 12:37:03Absenteeism in Oregon
02-07-2014 10:52:03High-Quality Kindergarten Today
02-05-2014 11:20:34Reflections on Early Ed's Subprime Learning Report
01-31-2014 10:39:03OPB Talks with Ericka Guynes, Oregon's Elementary Principal of the Year
01-31-2014 10:38:23Preschool is Hot in the New York Times
01-28-2014 20:27:13President Obama Voices Support for Preschool
01-28-2014 11:30:18State of the Union Tonight
01-27-2014 10:32:51Subprime Learning: Early Education in America Since the Great Recession
01-24-2014 13:39:52Giving Kids Language to Succeed
01-21-2014 10:37:37Overcoming school diversity disparity in Oregon
01-15-2014 10:18:05A Step Forward for Early Learning
01-14-2014 10:31:44Early Education in America Since the Great Recession
01-08-2014 10:53:38OPB's Class of 2025 Project
01-08-2014 10:53:38OPB's Class of 2025 Project
01-07-2014 12:17:21Because She Cares: 24 Portraits of Women Who Lead Oregon's Non-Profits
12-19-2013 11:40:03New Report: Stopping the Summer Slide
12-16-2013 10:25:57Change is Never Easy, Especially for First Graders
12-13-2013 10:38:32Quality Preschool Will Reduce Future Crime Rates
12-12-2013 10:44:10Quotes from What We're Reading This Week
12-11-2013 13:17:46Paul Nyhan Writes about one of the Oldest PreK-3rd Programs in the Country
12-10-2013 07:48:4810 Oregon Legislators Call on Congressional Budget Committee to Increase Federal Investments in Early Learning
12-09-2013 11:14:33Gov. Kitzhaber will run for 4th term
12-05-2013 13:22:49Breaking New Ground
11-27-2013 11:25:31Preschool Matters
11-26-2013 13:51:17Lessons From Illinois
11-22-2013 15:14:41Multnomah Co. Law Enforcement Supports Preschool
11-22-2013 15:13:54Dr. Helen Neville on Early Childhood Education
11-20-2013 11:13:26Ed Central on Pre-K Bill's Data Requirements
11-18-2013 14:22:02African-American Children's Access to Quality Preschool
11-15-2013 15:39:30Alliance For Kids - What About Us? Event
11-15-2013 15:38:54Oregon's First Early Learning Hub in Marion County
11-13-2013 15:41:59Counselor Chris McHone Leads the Charge Against Chronic Absence at Earl Boyles
11-13-2013 10:55:58Strong Start for America's Children Act Unveiled
11-08-2013 14:38:01Empowering Parents to Transform Schools
11-07-2013 11:11:49The Guynes Effect
11-06-2013 16:15:59Oregon is the Least Affordable State for Child Care
11-05-2013 12:36:57Multimedia Links on the Early Years
11-04-2013 11:01:56Early Learning Report from Casey Foundation
10-30-2013 10:09:21New Report Presents the Case for Preschool
10-28-2013 10:59:51Ericka Guynes named a National Distinguished Principal
10-23-2013 14:20:292014 Oregon Superintendent of the Year: Don Grotting
10-23-2013 09:54:41Language-Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre-K
10-22-2013 14:55:29Jerry Weast: Getting the Right Start
10-18-2013 10:59:18Webinar Opportunities on October 23rd
10-16-2013 14:26:10Poll Shows Support for Federal Early Learning Plan
10-15-2013 13:54:29New Report: Parent Engagement Policy
10-10-2013 17:06:222013 Oregon School Performance Ratings
10-08-2013 16:28:17Save the Date for our 6th Annual MIYB Lunch
10-02-2013 10:49:28Dr. Marina Merrill joins CI as Senior Policy & Research Advisor
10-01-2013 09:28:21What the Government Shutdown Means for Education
09-30-2013 11:03:39Nancy Golden Appointed Oregon Education Chief
09-27-2013 12:07:29District-Level Funding for Pre-K
09-25-2013 13:31:15Raising Smart, Healthy Kids
09-24-2013 09:18:43Campbell Lecture: Bridging Maternal and Child Health
09-17-2013 15:28:16A Strong Start Makes a Difference
09-17-2013 15:24:50Shining a Light on Chronic Absence
09-16-2013 10:24:07Lifelines for Poor Children
09-12-2013 15:35:47Inequality in America
09-12-2013 13:51:36New Assessment for Oregon Kindergarteners
09-12-2013 13:50:53Social-Emotional Learning
09-12-2013 13:50:18Hispanic Heritage Month Breakfast
09-10-2013 12:44:46Early Education for All
09-10-2013 12:43:50Baby Steps Into a Big World
09-10-2013 12:42:275th Annual Make It Your Business Lunch
09-03-2013 14:53:45Earl Boyles Preschool: It Takes a Team
08-05-2013 14:42:15The Power of Parents: Latino Parents Engage Together Around Closing the Achievement Gap
07-09-2013 10:21:21New Research Confirms Third Grade Reading’s Importance
07-09-2013 10:18:37New Research: Targeted Parent Training Can Help Students Focus—and Succeed!
07-09-2013 10:09:47States revive preschool funding as economies recover
06-13-2013 10:54:44Education Secretary Arne Duncan works to sell Obama administration’s preschool initiative
06-13-2013 10:52:12Kitzhaber: Support president's plan for early learning
06-13-2013 10:48:18Power to the Preschoolers
05-31-2013 15:52:56Letter: It's time to invest in our children
05-15-2013 12:37:23Peer Site Visits: How Early Works Spreads the Word
05-06-2013 10:13:51A New Commentary Pushes the Education Reform Debate Where It Belongs: Early Learning
05-01-2013 13:22:16Early Start
05-01-2013 11:46:44LETTER TO THE EDITOR
05-01-2013 11:41:01Ericka Guynes of Earl Boyles Elementary named 2013 Elementary Principal of the Year
05-01-2013 11:30:24Oregon offers high-cost preschool, causing it to ration seats to just 10 percent of 4-year-olds
05-01-2013 11:25:32No Rich Child Left Behind
05-01-2013 11:19:05Class of 2025: Counting on the Tooth Fairy in Math Class
05-01-2013 11:17:32Children's Institute mourns the loss of Lynn Lundquist
05-01-2013 10:48:57Children's Institute mourns the loss of Dick Alexander
03-06-2013 13:09:00How the Sequester Could Devastate Our Poorest Schools
02-28-2013 14:21:27Is Public Preschool a Smart Investment?
02-28-2013 13:37:02Build the Quality Pre-K Pipeline
02-22-2013 13:39:05My View: Not all preschools are created equal
02-22-2013 13:31:24Obama’s Preschool Plan
02-22-2013 13:28:32Obama touts preschools in Georgia: 'This isn't baby-sitting'
02-22-2013 11:53:19Obama pushes universal preschool in GA, GOP expresses doubts
02-15-2013 13:57:41When Families Fail
02-15-2013 13:53:03How Obama’s New Early Learning Plan Could Happen
02-15-2013 13:48:37Five Common Myths on Pre-K Evidence
02-15-2013 13:41:36Few States Look to Extend Preschool to All 4-Year-Olds
02-15-2013 13:37:27The Complexities of Obama's Universal Pre-Kindergarten Plan
02-15-2013 11:43:48Fact Sheet President Obama’s Plan for Early Education for all Americans
02-15-2013 11:36:56State of the Union features historic focus on early education
02-15-2013 11:34:15The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools
02-14-2013 12:48:44Governor Kitzhaber visits Earl Boyles, site of Early Works
02-14-2013 12:36:34Early Works
02-08-2013 14:05:08Four parents open up about preschool at Earl Boyles
02-08-2013 11:22:45For Obama's New Term, Start Here
02-08-2013 11:04:39Yoncalla schools focus on early learning
01-15-2013 17:00:53A call to Obama to focus on early childhood education
01-15-2013 16:27:33Chicago Groups Work on Developing Birth-to-College Education Model
01-15-2013 16:22:26Text of Gov. John Kitzhaber's State of the State address
01-03-2013 15:35:25Class Of 2025: Welcome To Earl Boyles Elementary
12-06-2012 16:30:18Institute Endorses Kitzhaber plan
12-06-2012 10:25:26Oregon Wins "Race to the Top" Grant for Early Childhood Learning Programs
12-05-2012 14:30:35John Kitzhaber on his 2013-15 budget recommendation for Oregon
12-05-2012 14:26:07Where is Oregon education spending headed? A rundown of Gov. John Kitzhaber's plan for 2013-15
12-05-2012 14:19:23At Earl Boyles Elementary School, a fledgling preschool program aims to help parents and their kids
12-05-2012 14:04:52First class of full-day kindergartners in Gresham-Barlow already excelling: Friday feature
12-05-2012 13:58:40Advisory Panel Issues Recommendations for Head Start
10-30-2012 11:41:25Sen. Jeff Merkley and local law enforcement leaders push for early childhood education
10-30-2012 11:15:54Cuddle Your Kid!
10-11-2012 10:43:40Home visiting strategy expands from kindergarten to preschool classrooms
10-08-2012 10:14:27Successful Seniors Start Out As Playful Preschoolers
09-26-2012 13:21:36Tests for kindergartners on their first days in school: Oregon piloting a system to screeen every pupil's readiness
08-28-2012 14:58:04National report finds Oregon childcare costs among nation's highest
08-28-2012 14:58:04Governor Kitzhaber Names Jada Rupley as Oregon's Early Learning System Director
08-02-2012 14:01:03Andreina Velasco joins team as Parent & Community Engagement Coordinator
06-04-2012 09:00:00Interview with Ericka Guynes: A new vision for Earl Boyles
03-22-2012 11:03:41Report finds nearly a quarter of public school students in Oregon miss nearly a month of school
03-13-2012 11:18:07Institute Endorses Kitzhaber plan
03-13-2012 11:18:07Early Works
03-13-2012 11:18:07Did you miss our 4th annual Make It Your Business Lunch?
03-13-2012 11:18:07Children's Institute receives nearly $400,000 from W.K. Kellogg Foundation
03-13-2012 11:18:07Governor Kitzhaber visits Earl Boyles, site of Early Works
03-13-2012 11:18:07Child care costs in Oregon exceed college tuition costs
10-21-2011 11:58:08Former NYC schools chief Rudy Crew on track to take charge of Oregon education from preschool through college
10-21-2011 11:58:089 States Win Race to Top Early Learning Grants
10-21-2011 11:58:08Former NYC schools chief Rudy Crew on track to take charge of Oregon education from preschool through college
10-21-2011 11:58:08Study: Head Start Programs May Increase Parents' Involvement
10-21-2011 11:58:08Benefits of high quality child care persist 30 years later: research
10-21-2011 11:58:08Study: A quarter of Oregon public school children falling behind because of chronic absence
10-21-2011 11:58:08New Study: Chronic School Absences Lead To Long Term Academic Problems
10-21-2011 11:58:08We must start early to rescue students at risk
10-21-2011 11:58:08Opinion: Occupy the Classroom
10-21-2011 11:58:08Will Your 4-Year-Old Graduate College? OSU Study Offers a Clue
10-21-2011 11:58:08Rally demands education reform
10-21-2011 11:58:08GUEST VIEWPOINT: State invests in early education
10-21-2011 11:58:08What does it mean to be ready for kindergarten?
10-21-2011 11:58:08Sweeping changes to Oregon's early childhood programs would start with small steps
10-21-2011 11:58:08Obama’s Tough Love for Head Start
10-21-2011 11:58:08Oregon Set to Pilot New Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Process
10-21-2011 11:58:08Education Equation
10-21-2011 11:58:08Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant: Now that the sprint is over, the marathon can begin
10-21-2011 11:58:08Letters: It's time to pass early learning reform
10-21-2011 11:58:08Occupy the crib
10-21-2011 11:58:08Report: Oregon child care costs rising dramatically as wages fail to keep up
10-21-2011 11:58:08Get ready for an early start
10-21-2011 11:58:08Oregon to seek powerful 'chief education officer' to revamp preschool, public schools, colleges
10-21-2011 11:58:08Oregonian endorsement: Yes on David Douglas school bond
10-21-2011 11:58:08We Can't Wait: Nine States Awarded Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Grants Awards Will Help Build Statewide Systems of High Quality Early Education Programs
10-06-2011 10:20:05Editorial: Streamlining for the future
09-29-2011 12:04:47Most Oregon kids don't get head start they need
09-07-2011 10:25:01Gov. John Kitzhaber appoints members of Early Learning Council
09-06-2011 09:18:31Thousands of Oregon students at risk of not graduating, reading scores released today show
08-18-2011 12:54:01Kitzhaber outlines early-education goals
07-01-2011 09:51:37Education reform bills set Oregon on new path
06-30-2011 11:13:27Governor enacts birth-to-college education panel
06-14-2011 09:04:56PreK-3 movement seeks to revolutionize early education
05-25-2011 14:42:06Obama Administration Announces $500 Million for Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge
05-23-2011 12:46:10Attacking the Achievement Gap: Principals in Action
05-12-2011 16:23:56House committee grapples with big ideas of bill to combine all levels of Oregon education
05-04-2011 14:30:52Support childhood education plan
05-02-2011 15:40:39Legislature passes SB 909
04-29-2011 10:15:56Stuck again with a low high school graduation rate
04-26-2011 16:08:29Early Learning Initiative @ Earl Boyles Elementary School
04-26-2011 14:58:10Swati Adarkar to interview author David Kirp
04-19-2011 10:46:28Promoting Head Start as business proposition
04-19-2011 10:45:58Oregon Launches Field Test of Oregon Programs of Quality
04-14-2011 11:58:13Education plan worth exploring
04-14-2011 11:52:15Oregon Senate begins first of many tough budget votes with $5.7 billion K-12 budget
03-11-2011 16:23:20Investing in early childhood education benefits state
03-11-2011 09:58:46Another View: Early-childhood spending pays dividends
03-11-2011 09:58:46Embrace groundbreaking reform of education
03-11-2011 09:58:46Kitzhaber pushes for 1 board to oversee education, pre-kindergarten through grad school
03-11-2011 09:58:46Pre-K education: What we really need to fix our school system
02-14-2011 16:25:50Our school districts can't afford more of the same
02-08-2011 12:45:38Oregon Launches Field Test of Oregon Program of Quality
02-08-2011 12:28:55State Officials Combing Through Governor's Budget
02-04-2011 15:19:26Kitzhaber's state budget maintains tax levels
02-04-2011 15:10:14Early childhood education benefits both kids, taxpayers, study says
02-03-2011 16:29:43Kitzhaber budget calls for early childhood changes
02-03-2011 16:21:06Gov. John Kitzhaber says his budget would put Oregon on stable financial footing
02-01-2011 10:35:39The first step on Oregon's path to a better future
01-24-2011 15:03:47R. Sargent Shriver's legacy unfolds in a Head Start classroom at Applegate School in Portland
01-20-2011 11:56:18Head Start & Early Head Start funding safe for now
01-12-2011 10:43:58Early childhood education belongs on Oregon's must-do list
01-05-2011 11:58:54Expand a smart investment
12-22-2010 12:58:21Where the Achievement Gap is Born: A Letter to Cathie Black
12-22-2010 12:39:34Alsea preschool program struggles with funding
12-15-2010 12:43:42Room to Grow
12-10-2010 15:45:58Early Childhood Transition Team
12-06-2010 13:25:07Voices for Quality
09-29-2010 12:27:47Is Oregon a State at Risk?
09-29-2010 11:44:05Chris Tebben
09-17-2010 09:26:43Preschoolers will get chance to learn in Spanish
09-17-2010 09:26:43Four legislators to convene 'Education Summit'
09-17-2010 09:26:43Oregon State Legislators to convene Dec. 7 ‘Education Summit’
09-17-2010 09:26:43Editorial: Investing in early childhood education benefits state
09-17-2010 09:26:43Searching for common ground on education
09-17-2010 09:26:43Kitzhaber wants more focus on young children
09-17-2010 09:26:43Promoting Head Start as business proposition
09-17-2010 09:26:43Oregon Pre-K Program Hurt During Recession
09-17-2010 09:26:43Oregon agencies propose cuts in face of $378 million shortfall
07-15-2010 13:34:42Early programs give kids edge on education
07-15-2010 13:34:42The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers
06-25-2010 09:26:092nd Business and Community Leaders Breakfast
06-11-2010 08:59:23Oregon Passes Legislation to Expand Early Head Start
06-11-2010 08:57:42Developmental delays surge in Oregon kids, and educators say that should mean increased services for them
06-02-2010 09:40:11Governor Kulongoski creates council for early childhood education
05-12-2010 10:27:28Helping students at Oregon's lowest performing schools
04-23-2010 15:00:23Mind in the Making marshmallow video
04-23-2010 11:37:50Irving Levin
04-14-2010 11:42:38Oregon chosen to help lead the nation in raising standards for day care
04-09-2010 10:51:11Children's Institute says many Oregon children at risk of poor emotional, social health in life's first years
04-09-2010 10:45:52Oregon Legislature finds $1 million for Early Head Start
04-06-2010 11:24:14Children's Institute featured in Statesman Journal early childhood series
04-02-2010 14:02:42Foundation partners
03-25-2010 11:11:57Escaping From Poverty
03-25-2010 10:57:48Prisons don't use reading scores to predict future inmate populations
03-25-2010 10:49:53Beaverton police chief weighs in on preparing children for service
03-15-2010 15:18:04Sharp minds, good ideas
03-15-2010 14:53:36Developmental delays surge in Oregon kids, and educators say that should mean increased services for them
03-09-2010 12:18:11Oregon Passes Legislation to Expand Early Head Start
03-09-2010 10:56:07Tuesdays with Heckman
02-24-2010 16:16:40Employment Related Day Care Subsidy
02-17-2010 15:11:58Professor: Literacy is key to ease poverty
02-10-2010 12:45:19The Early Learning Challenge: Raising the Bar - Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks at the NAEYC Annual Conference
02-08-2010 11:31:29Is Oregon Ready to Learn?
01-25-2010 12:35:09Nan Waller
01-25-2010 12:35:09Susan Walsh
01-25-2010 12:33:28John Tapogna
01-19-2010 10:27:39The Children's Institute: Making the Case for Early Childhood Education
01-19-2010 10:27:39The Children's Institute: Making the Case for Early Childhood Education
01-05-2010 16:16:06School readiness needs to be a priority
12-21-2009 12:13:47Solid emotional skills play a critical role for academic success
12-21-2009 12:03:04Tracking children's readiness for school proves complicated
12-21-2009 11:58:46Child care providers get start before kindergarten
12-21-2009 11:56:30Child-care subsidies face substantial cuts by 2010 Legislature
12-21-2009 11:53:22County set a standard for readiness assessment
12-21-2009 11:36:21In preparing kids for school, Oregon suffers 'pilot-itis'
12-07-2009 12:12:59Head Start stimulus aids 52 families
11-25-2009 12:07:12The Early Learning Challenge: Raising the Bar - Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks at the NAEYC Annual Conference
11-25-2009 12:05:25State Funding for Early Head Start Makes Headway
11-24-2009 11:28:33The playtime's the thing
11-18-2009 13:44:33Letters to the editor: Lacking early education
11-18-2009 13:33:32What tired Oregon teachers say (when parents aren't listening)
11-18-2009 13:26:4775% of young Americans called unfit for military
11-06-2009 12:24:46Too Few Youths Eligible for Military, Leaders Say
11-06-2009 12:22:07At the starting line in the 'Race to the Top'
11-04-2009 11:19:13State suspends use of survey to measure school readiness
10-22-2009 15:07:25Institute calls for better school readiness measure
10-21-2009 10:41:41Thank the Legislature for Funding Head Start
10-21-2009 10:17:52EQUIP
10-21-2009 09:54:40Stopping the Summer Slide
10-21-2009 09:54:40Room to Grow
10-21-2009 09:54:40Is Oregon Ready to Learn?
10-21-2009 09:54:40Oregon's Starting Five
10-21-2009 09:54:40Baby Steps Into a Big World
10-21-2009 09:54:40From Risk to Resilience
10-21-2009 08:54:40Leading the Way
10-16-2009 12:16:53Investing in Early Education
09-30-2009 16:57:17Gardenburger grant gives kids garden
09-29-2009 14:44:07Linking Early Childhood to K-12
09-29-2009 14:44:07News Article Archive - 2005-2008
09-29-2009 10:50:06Can the Right Kinds of Play Teach Self-Control?
09-22-2009 10:52:31State preschool expansion boosts grade
09-22-2009 10:45:41Initiative Focuses on Early Learning Programs
09-22-2009 09:53:52Duncan Campbell
09-22-2009 09:48:27Isaac Regenstreif
09-21-2009 10:16:05Bridge achievement gap early, Multnomah County study urges
09-21-2009 10:09:53Standing up for Children
09-21-2009 10:05:22Education backers lobby legislators to avoid cuts
09-21-2009 10:02:42Our future depends on it
09-16-2009 10:10:13Test Scores Show Positive Trend For Hispanic Students
09-09-2009 16:26:23Stimulating the Young
08-31-2009 15:10:14Pre-K education may be prison prevention
08-17-2009 12:26:09Letter to the Editor: Head start in race to top
08-17-2009 12:09:48Oregon students win in a 'Race to the Top'
08-17-2009 11:58:40Investing in Early Education Is Just Good Business
07-20-2009 12:48:21The New Push For Quality Child Care
07-06-2009 09:38:38Rising Above I.Q.
06-18-2009 09:47:52Head Start is a top priority for Oregon legislative leaders
06-16-2009 15:15:13Head Start pre-kindergarten an investment for the future
06-16-2009 09:27:23Gladstone alliance for kids overcomes slim budget
06-16-2009 09:20:35Nursery University
06-08-2009 10:14:45Sensible state funding begins with early childhood
06-08-2009 10:06:38Sensible state funding begins with early childhood
06-08-2009 10:02:38Head Start is vital to state, children
06-05-2009 10:01:38Early childhood should be a state priority
06-03-2009 10:54:52Group funds idea: Start kids off with better teachers
06-03-2009 10:48:25Discovering what the Founders knew
06-03-2009 10:45:10Crime loses when kids are given an early start
06-03-2009 10:36:18Changing the trajectory of children's lives
06-03-2009 10:33:19Research Links Poor Kids' Stress, Brain Impairment
06-03-2009 10:29:26Head Start readies children for kindergarten
06-03-2009 10:21:39In tough times, preschool remains a priority for parents
06-02-2009 15:58:23Preschool in Oregon

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