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In order to graduate, Oregon students must first show up In order to graduate, Oregon students must first show up Wednesday, January 28, 2015 People who care about Oregon’s kids got a dispiriting jolt this week when the U.S. Department of Education found Oregon to have the worst high school graduation rates in the nation. There are a number of causes for the problem of course. But one of the biggest is this: too many Oregon students – in elementary, middle and high school – are chronically absent from school. Research on Oregon student attendance shows that nearly a quarter of Oregon’s...
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Closing the digital divide at Earl Boyles Elementary Closing the digital divide at Earl Boyles Elementary Monday, January 26, 2015 On a recent Tuesday morning, Earl Boyles Elementary School preschool teacher Katie Herro poses a question to her three- and four-year old students sitting in a circle in front of a digital whiteboard. "How do you build a house?" she asks, and after some exchange with her students she summons one child to come up and touch the house pictured on the screen. A time-lapse video starts in which construction workers lay a foundation, hang beams and drywall, and eventually...
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Children's Institute: 10 Years of Championing Early Education
Video by Kate Raphael / Studio Kate



2013 MIYB Event: Keynote by Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond



Governor Kitzhaber accepts the Alexander Award



The Time Has Come - An introduction to Early Works



Governor Kitzhaber addresses national audience in Washington DC



Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: A New Beginning for American Education


Could you pass the marshmallow test? See how it works in this new video from Mind in the Making.

Urgency of Now

Building a better society means fostering human potential.

"A large and convincing body of research in psychology, economics and neuroscience points to the importance of the early years in producing successful outcomes for advantaged children and in accounting for the social pathologies found among disadvantaged children." ~ James J. Heckman, University of Chicago


What's the 'Rate of Return' on social skills? - James Heckman
Economist James Heckman links "soft skills" such as perseverance, attention, motivation, and self-confidence to "success in society at large.


The Importance of Early Childhood Development: Harriet Meyer
Harriet Meyer testifies before a congressional committee on March 17, 2009. Meyer is president of the Ounce of Prevention Fund and Co-chair of the Illinois Early Learning Council.



This short, documentary-style video follows five children through a year in their high-quality pre-kindergarten classroom, showing what they learn along the way.


NPR LogoJames Heckman speaks with NPR Radio: Early Education Makes All the Difference

Barack Obama talked with The Des Moines Register editorial board about his ideas to strengthen early childhood education on June 18, 2007.











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