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There is a growing recognition that achieving third grade success requires a strong continuum of support starting with prenatal development through third grade (P-3). The Children’s Institute, Oregon Early Learning Division, The Ford Family Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Department of Education, Portland State University and others have come together to support this work in Oregon.

Together, we are working toward a future in which Oregon’s children, especially children who lack access to an equal opportunity, are increasingly prepared for kindergarten and reading by third grade. Our hope is that the resources available here inspire more communities to join the P-3 movement and provide useful tools that support the success of those efforts.

What is P-3?

P-3 is shorthand for prenatal through third grade. Across the state local leaders are increasingly taking initiative to create a seamless pathway in their own communities. P-3 efforts across Oregon are implementing research-based strategies that strengthen relationships between early learning providers, elementary schools, and families, including:

  • Programs that create a smooth transition between preschool and kindergarten;
  • Activities to engage families as partners in children’s learning and development, starting at birth and continuing through early elementary school; and
  • Providing common professional development for early childhood and elementary school educators.

Why is P-3 important?

These first 8 years of a child’s life are a period in which children experience their most profound cognitive, social, and emotional growth. The quality of a child’s early experiences during this sensitive period of brain growth is particularly important as it sets the foundation for all future learning (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2007). Strengthening the connection between children’s early learning and K-3 experiences is a key strategy for improving learning outcomes for all children and for closing early opportunity gaps.

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